Standard Venetian Door Finishes

White Powder Coating is a thick, baked on finish that is much stronger than paint and offers the shine and longevity that no other system can match.
Bronze Powder Coating is the same thick, baked on finish but offers a darker appearance.
Anodized Aluminum is simply raw aluminum that has been treated with a corrosion preventing bath, this finish looks like aluminum and is used on many of today contemporary homes.

Custom Venetian Door Finishes

Wood Look Aluminum: Using a proprietary process, a wood grain and color is applied directly to the raw aluminum framing, this process is so effective that most of our customer can’t tell they are not wood without touching the framing. The powder coat used in this finish is incredible strong and fade resistant so these windows and doors look new for years to come.
Custom Powder Coat Colors: Naturally, since we can powder coat your new windows and doors to look like wood, we can also coat them in any color of the rainbow, simply choose your favorite and your new windows and doors will arrive in that exact color choice.

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